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Let the Nations Be Glad

On his first morning in the United States of America in August 2007, having just arrived from Cameroon to become a student at Bethlehem, Dieudonné Tamfu lifted this prayer to God:*  “Lord I will be going out to see the new world into which you have brought me. I do not now know how it […]

Sing to Me

Maestro of darkness, he drunkens the dance, Captured the cosmos in hypnotic trance. Beacons of blackness have promised me sight, Lured by their lyres that liars are right. Sing to me. How my heart sways to harmonious spells, Leaving my Lover to love to rebel! Preacher, your power has magic untapped; Relearn to conjure and […]

Begrudging God’s Grace

Have you ever felt like God cheated you? Like others are getting a better deal than you’re getting? While we might not say it that way, it is easy for these sentiments to creep into our hearts, especially during times of trial. Jesus’ Parable of the Vineyard Workers can help us see our work and […]

The Lord Did It

As many of you know, one of our central aims at Bethlehem College & Seminary is to have a disproportionate impact on the world. O, how we want to make an impact for the supremacy of Christ and the joy of all peoples! But, this impact will be disproportionate because we aim to make it through […]


The light-fingered wind steals all the warmth in my sweater, as she heads south with the geese.     Poetry and art taken from the 2021 edition of Artos, the literary journal of Bethlehem College & Seminary students. Art, “Grasping Hours” by E. Stuck, College Student.

My Dear Wormwood, Letter II

My dear Wormwood, Your patient has lost someone she dearly loved? Your concern that this tragedy will draw her closer to the Enemy is really quite foolish. By now you ought to know that loss creates a chasm between the patient and the Enemy. The practice of utilizing loss has beenin vogue since our Father Below […]

Church Planting for the Great Commission

We at Bethlehem highly value the ministry of planting new churches. I serve as Pastor for Church Planting at our 150 year old church, and as Associate Professor for Church Planting at our seminary. Both the church and the school share a common vision to see new churches planted for the glory of Christ and […]

Praise the King of Color

Come praise the King of Color, who enchants the Earth with overflow of joy and paints all with His worth. Each tinge, yellow, red, or blue, is a tiny bard, a glory-story herald set to sing and guard the numinous awe of God. The wonder of the Lord lifts the familiar fog of selfish souls […]

Advancing the Mission

For the thirteen years that I’ve been a professor at Bethlehem College & Seminary, the month of June has been fairly standard. May is always intense—finishing classes, administering final exams, preparing for commencement. After digging out from beneath the mountain of papers and submitting final grades, the month of June is a welcome change of […]

Why Pursue a Non-Traditional Master’s or Bachelor’s at Bethlehem?

There are at least three (human) motives flowing together into an answer to this question: Why pursue a degree in Bethlehem College & Seminary’s non-traditional programs? Let me investigate these briefly as a help to you as you assess God’s leading for you. BETHLEHEM’S MOTIVE Bethlehem College & Seminary invests significantly in our non-traditional degrees […]