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Trustees Call New President

Dr. Joe Rigney to Assume Office in June   (Minneapolis) – – – Wednesday, September 23, 2020 – – – The Board of Trustees of Bethlehem College & Seminary has called Dr. Joseph James Rigney to be the institution’s 2nd President. In an announcement made today during the school’s weekly chapel meeting, Board Chairman Sam […]

Send Them Our Way

One month ago I wrote a prayer letter (“If the Lord Wills”) asking you to pray for the final weeks of our admission process. We didn’t know what they would bring, but we were committed to accepting applications right up until the first day of class. What would the Lord do? Allow me to tell […]

The Costs of Following Christ ‘Seem’ Great

The Christian life clearly has costs. Jesus made this very clear in various places in the Gospels. He said that for Christians in this “world you will have tribulation” (John 16:33). He emphasized that a Christian must “deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:24) and that anyone “who does not […]

2021 Alex Steddom Fund Grantee

Introducing Edison DSouza Mysore, Karnataka, India 2021 Grantee Alex Steddom International Student Fund Every Summer, Bethlehem College & Seminary seeks to raise $185,000 every summer to replenish a fund used to support the extraordinary financial needs of four international students in the seminary. The Admissions Committee of Bethlehem College & Seminary announces the selection of Pastor […]

A Message from Dr. Dieudonné Tamfu

It has been approximately two years since my family and I moved to Cameroon, and we are admitting the second cohort for the Bethlehem College & Seminary Cameroon extension site and also preparing to launch the church-plant that will house this seminary. We have held two conferences so far, all of which God used significantly to […]

For the Islands

A year ago, I wrote in one of these prayer letters, “It is my prayer that there would be an increasingly strong connection between Bethlehem College & Seminary and Bethlehem Baptist Church and the churches in Hawaii.” I’m delighted to update you about how that prayer is being answered. In the fall of 2014, I […]

The Lord, Our Keeper

The Lord has done it again!  We’ve just completed our first week of classes in the new school year, and the Lord has blessed us beyond expectations.  All summer long, I’ve been reading about the concerns, the hopes, and the plans of many other institutions of higher learning.  Nearly everyone was predicting a massive meltdown […]

A Message from Chying Chying

  “I thank you deeply for your generous gifts because I would not be able to bear the cost of seminary without your financial assistance. Bethlehem College & Seminary gives me an intense immersion into a God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated higher education. Even now as I enter my final year, I am equipped to teach and preach at […]

In Minneapolis for Good

Cities are intensifiers, both for good and for evil. Reflecting on how Scripture characterizes cities reveals this reality. Early in Genesis, Cain and Lamech concentrate evil in cities, yet when Israel enters the Promised Land, God commands them to build “cities of refuge” (Numbers 35:11). Later in Genesis, God weighs the evil of the cities […]

A Message from René Gonzaléz

  “I am deeply thankful for what the Lord has been doing these past months. By God’s grace, I have completed my third year in seminary, and I continue to marvel at God’s undeserved grace in this time of training. Earlier this year, the elders and members of Bethlehem Baptist Church voted me to become […]