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The Meals of Life upon Pillars Lie

To sleep, to snore, to yearn for morn; To rise, to yawn, to break my fast; The food I dreamt no more forlorn; Yet soon it’s noon and morn is past. To jump, to play, to nap a while; And then to wake, for lunch is set. “All done.” Let’s play, let’s run a mile. […]

Sing to Me

Maestro of darkness, he drunkens the dance, Captured the cosmos in hypnotic trance. Beacons of blackness have promised me sight, Lured by their lyres that liars are right. Sing to me. How my heart sways to harmonious spells, Leaving my Lover to love to rebel! Preacher, your power has magic untapped; Relearn to conjure and […]

My Dear Wormwood, Letter II

My dear Wormwood, Your patient has lost someone she dearly loved? Your concern that this tragedy will draw her closer to the Enemy is really quite foolish. By now you ought to know that loss creates a chasm between the patient and the Enemy. The practice of utilizing loss has beenin vogue since our Father Below […]

Praise the King of Color

Come praise the King of Color, who enchants the Earth with overflow of joy and paints all with His worth. Each tinge, yellow, red, or blue, is a tiny bard, a glory-story herald set to sing and guard the numinous awe of God. The wonder of the Lord lifts the familiar fog of selfish souls […]

On Learning Ancient Languages

Oh how many warring tongues Do dance within my head! I heard a shout from foreign lungs, Yet from my mouth it sped. Oh the Latin! Oh the Greek! They take that English man; They bind him, chains upon his feet, And drown his cries ’neath sand! What now am I, both my feet Upon […]


the sunflowers (looming and wilting) weep. in certain places, at certain times, the groaning-exhalation for rest is more discernible, our longing for the presence of glory. we (in choral unison) proclaim: “maránatha”: “our Lord come” maránatha (to creation) maránatha (to the captive) maránatha (to the free)     Poem and photo taken from the 2021 […]

The Transhumanist Assault on the Image of God

“You shall be like God.” So the serpent deceived Eve; in disobedience to God, she was to become like him. In eating the fruit, however, Adam and Eve did not attain to the exalted state Satan promised—they fell and were cast out of Eden. Man has ever since attempted to make himself like God, and […]

Ad Visionem

I dreamed, and saw upon a rugged tree My Lord with thorns and dripping wounds incurred For me a wretched man, that God might see The Son in me and all my sin transferred. Hung on that cross, the Lord beheld my blind And mocking heart deserving death—and spoke. Forgive, Abba, forgive! Then in my […]

The Glory in Our Inability

Take a moment to reflect with me on two quotations, side by side: one from Scripture and the other from theologian John Webster.   Psalm 103 Of David. Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits— who forgives all your […]

Like Moksha

Coming home we are released From classroom walls Into the peace Of 200 pages Of someone else’s journey home. We are, though vacating, Preparing to put out to sea. A fake break, a false relief, a momentary respite – Like Moksha. The Hindu labors with diligence, Aspiring to release from life, Till Shiva’s third eye […]