Send Them Our Way


One month ago I wrote a prayer letter (“If the Lord Wills”) asking you to pray for the final weeks of our admission process. We didn’t know what they would bring, but we were committed to accepting applications right up until the first day of class. What would the Lord do? Allow me to tell just one story that illustrates the Lord’s sovereign hand in our lives.

August 17 began “move-in week” for our college freshmen. Classes were to begin on Monday, August 24, and they needed to get settled, attend orientation, and get to know one another at the freshman retreat. The week went off successfully, and students were ready to go for Monday. Sunday afternoon, I received an email. I normally don’t check email on Sundays, but with the first day of class the following day, I figured it would be good just to check. I’m glad I did! My inbox contained an email from a mother of one of our freshman students asking if it was too late for her two daughters to transfer to Bethlehem’s sophomore class. Too late? By my calculations, we were well within “up until the first day of class.” An email to Cody: “do we have student housing?” We just so happened to have two open spots in one of our female apartments. Admissions: “can we do transcript evaluations and interviews in one day?” Professors: “Can you keep these students up to speed for one week until they can move to Minnesota?” It was “all hands on deck!” and everyone worked hard to make it happen. Seeing every necessary detail fall into place just in time was a reminder to me that God is watching over our school. If “the hairs of your head are all numbered,” and not one sparrow is “forgotten before God,” how much more each one of the students that He has brought here this fall? We give thanks, praise, and all the glory to God for this year’s incoming class.

And now, we have already begun looking ahead to next year. We have to! So with that in mind, here are a few admissions announcements, and a request:

  • All applications for Fall 2021 are open. If you know of a student you think should apply, send them this link:
  • Better yet, send us their name and contact information, and we’ll connect with them to tell them more about our programs:
  • Our Master of Divinity application is coming up on December 1. If you know of a man who aspires to full-time ministry, please send him our way.
  • For the first time ever we are able to accept a handful of Spring Semester college transfer students. If you know a student with 16 college credits who would love an Education in Serious Joy, send them our way.
  • We are launching a brand new Master of Arts program in Fall 2021, with degrees in Theology and Biblical Studies, Theology and Global Studies, and Theology and Letters. You can learn more about the program and apply here.
  • We are launching a new extension site in Hawaii, and applications are now open for that program as well.
  • Our Fall Preview Day is taking place on Friday, October 9. All are welcome to come get a taste of our education at both graduate and undergraduate levels. 

Daniel Kleven, M.Div. ’20
Director of Admissions

Please continue to pray:

  • For our admissions team as we recruit and admit students for new and existing programs in a very unusual season.
  • For all of our new students as they adjust to their new programs in Minneapolis, Memphis, and Cameroon.
  • For our faculty as they teach within our health and safety in-person protocols.
  • For the needed funds to come in to support the Alex Steddom International Student Fund.